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Meet Jasmin Malekpour

I had a great connection this week with this wonderful woman Jasmin Malekpour, business owner of Infinity MedSpa located in Sudbury, Ma click here to see more https://infinitymedicalspa.com/

Giggi and Jasimin will be collaborating together for upcoming events! For our latest news follow Giggi’s Bridal and Mr. G’s Tuxedos and Infinity MedSpa for more information!

Origins of Infinity

The meaning has ritualized from India & Tibet where the symbol represents perfection, equilibrium, the immeasurable & the boundless. Infinity also appears in a number of mystical Celtic knot designs, which just like the Infinity symbol have no end or beginning. In modern times the Infinity symbol was discovered by English mathematician John Wallis in 1655. A concept of mathematicians & physicists that refer to a quantity with no bound or end – a quantity larger than any number. The word comes from the Latin infinitas or unboundedness. In ancient times the Infinity was originally known as the Lemniscate, meaning ‘ribbon’, by ancient Greek mathematicians & philosophers. For people today, it is a representation of something endless, like love or connection.

To bring history back, the Infinity symbol is considered as rebirth, representing unity of all, the Yin-Yang symbol of eastern culture, the duality in one’s being. In the Middle Eastern culture, Mithra, a divine being was believed to be reborn. Through Egyptian it was passed on to the Phoenician culture & through their relations with Phoenicians it was moved to the culture of Ancient Greek people, who named the infinity symbol in their language as it is used in the present day – ouroboros.

It has been highly prized for centuries, used for protection & the bringing of harmony & balance to opposing entities in many cultures. The band across the forehead of Egyptian pharaohs bore the image of a snake in the shape of figure eight. It was also the number eight adopted by Thoth, the Egyptian God of the Laws & of Wisdom & Magic. In Indian cultures, we see the Infinity symbol in depictions of Kundalini energy & in the staffs carried by Hermes, the messenger of the Greek Gods, & Asclepius the God of Medicine & Healing.

In Chinese tradition, it represents wealth & prosperity & is used in Feng Shui to arrange living spaces harmoniously. The Infinity sign is also within us, in our very cells & the basic structure of our genes. It is in the double helix of the strands of our DNA, a continuous chain of figures-of-eight.

History has also brought YOU, our Guest here to recreate the love, connection, caring that you can expect from us from now to eternity!

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