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Is it time to preserve your wedding dress? Giggi can assist you!

When it comes to cleaning your wedding dress after your special day, you shouldn’t have to wait. Don’t keep your gown tucked away in a plastic bag or hung in the back of your closet. We can help you keep your wedding gown beautiful for years to come. We emphasize quality, convenience, and innovation to give you the best-preserved gown and cleaning services available. It is so easy! Drop your wedding dress at our bridal salon and we will do all the rest. When your gown is preserved and ready to pick our consultant will give you a call. If you live too far away your preserved gown can be shipped to your home.

Our Preservation company use green dry-cleaning solvents, which mean a healthier, long-lasting wedding dress for you to cherish. That’s why the solvents are perc-free to make your gown soft and odor-free. Plus, and filter out cleaning solvents for every garment.

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