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Bridal Accessories

Updated: Mar 15

add beauty, elegance and even a bit of magic to a bride’s attire and the entire wedding experience. Because the right accessories can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary – and no wedding is complete without that little extra detail in your accessories that separates the spectacular from the humdrum.

Selecting the right wedding accessories can be a balancing act, so it is important to remember it is all about congruence and consistency. Your tiara or headpiece needs to co-ordinate with your hairstyle and must be chosen carefully. The right piece is truly a crowning glory. The wedding veil adds the finishing touch – it will co-ordinate with your hair.

It is positively okay to show-off with your bridal accessories. If there was ever a time – there is no time like your wedding day, it is your turn to be the center of everyone’s attention.

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