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 Today Giggi will discuss Mr. G's Tuxedos and what he has to offer! And it is not just tuxedos....

The Flowers

Flowers can be a significant decorative element for your wedding day, here are some tips to help you decide which route is best for you, your personal taste, and your budget!

Know your own style. Sure you like flowers, but how do you like them arranged? Are there any particular blooms you like? Check out our photo galleries, bridal magazines, friends wedding photos and the internet to find styles you like most (or least.)
When you come in for a consultation with us, ask to see photos of recent work. Take a look around the shop to see what we have on the floor. There is nothing like checking out the real thing!
Show photos you have collected of what you like. This will help give us an idea of your personal style.
Know your budget and be up front about with your florist, as it is as important as your artistic vision. The cost of your floral decorations can range from moderate to exorbitant, depending on everything from the amount of flowers used, to the types (orchids will definitely be more costly than carnations), to the size of bouquets and centerpieces, etc. Knowing your budget will give the us the parameters within which she has to work, which wil help us give suggestions on how to achieve your aesthetic vision reasonably.
The Frugal Flower has been doing weddings for a long time, at some of the best wedding venues in the area. Perhaps we have been to yours, and we can offer suggestions for the types, colors, and sizes of arrangements that might work for your wedding.


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