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A beautiful and
awe-inspiring occasion


This is a momentous time in your life, a beautiful and awe-inspiring occasion for both of you. You are witnessing your little girl step into the full bloom of her womanhood, watching her as she stands on the precipice of an extraordinary transformation. Where has the time gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that she was taking her first steps, then trotting off to school, going on her first date, graduating from high school, and finally leaving home? The beauty and challenge of motherhood is that as tightly as you would like to hold on to your precious one, you continually need to let go. And with each letting go, you watch her step further into the unique woman that she is, embracing her strengths, challenging her weaknesses, learning what it is to be human. And now she is getting married. plus size dresses mother dresses mother of the bride dresses








Elegance is defined as 'the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner. ' Therefore an elegant woman can be

defined as someone who carries herself with poise in a

sophisticated and fashionable way.


The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for your families to spend time together before the wedding day. Take advantage of the relaxed enjoyable environment, full of happy anticipation for your wedding Day!



Traditionally, the engagement party is hosted by the bride's parents, but friends of the bride and groom and other relatives may want to organize the gathering as well.

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Being classy is all about style, sophistication and elegance.

A Gala is a perfectly executed evening of glamour, glitz, and elegance.

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“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Coco Chanel

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New Years Eve Party


Masquerade Party

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Christmas Party

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50th Birthday Party

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The ominous "Black Tie" invitation arrives at your door. Do you wear a short dress or a long gown? For a bit of insight, we turned to famed fashion editor and novelist William Norwich (author of My Mrs. Brown) for a guide on how to break down the dress request on this season's countless invitations.

How to approach Black Tie: "Always be mindful of your hosts' desires and anticipate what their vision is for their dinner, dance, fundraiser, wedding, whatever. What does black tie mean to your host—what does it look like to them? If it is Rihanna, well that is one thing, and if it is the Prince of Wales, it's another."—William Norwich

Ladies: A night for you to look your most gorgeous! Embrace it and have fun. Wear a long formal gown or a shorter fancy cocktail dress that is black tie appropriate. Colors to keep in mind for winter: jewel tones, emerald, ruby, amethyst and, of course, black. Bring out your best jewels and high heels and jazz it up!

Gentlemen: There's really nothing as sophisticated as a man in classic black tie. He should wear a dinner jacket (also known as a tuxedo jacket) and matching trousers, bow tie, and cummerbund or waistcoat, and black patent-leather or calfskin pumps or laced oxfords.

How to approach White Tie: This is as formal as dress codes get, so embrace it.

Ladies: Bring out your best full-length ball gown and jewels. This is as formal as you are going to get with dress code. Long white gloves are optional, and décolletage or strapless acceptable.

Gentlemen: Black dress coat (tailcoat) and matching trousers, wing-collared shirt with shirt studs and cuff-links, white piqué waistcoat and white bow tie, black patent-leather or calfskin evening pumps and black silk socks. (During formal daytime events, like Royal Ascot, morning dress is the equivalent attire for men; it includes morning coat, waistcoat, tie, and striped trousers.)

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