PK Fashions LLC
PK Fashions LLC


Our bridal dresses start at $1,500

$2,100 is our entry price for our PK Fashions Private line.

PK Fashions Couture is fully customizable, the sky is the limit, you determine the price

  2023  Brides

If you fall in love with a wedding dress over your wedding budget. Inquire about our interest free credit at Giggi’s Bridal.


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Always be true

Forever and a day is how long I want you. Forever and a day I'll always be true. Just keep on believing the words that I say – 
I will always love you forever and a day. 
By Howard Bright


Wonderful Life

Congratulations on your marriage May you have a wonderful life. You have started this day as two best friends
and ended it as a very joyful married couple!

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Bridal accessories add beauty, elegance and even a bit of magic to a bride’s attire and the entire wedding experience. Because the right accessories can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary – and no wedding is complete without that little extra detail in your accessories that separates the spectacular from the humdrum.