MARCH 26 - May 15


Anny Lin Couture

Our bridal dresses start at $1,500

$2,100 is our entry price for our PK Fashions Private line.

PK Fashions Couture is fully customizable, the sky is the limit, you determine the price

 2022  and 2023 brides

It is ok if you fall in love with a wedding dress over your budget. Inquire about our interest free credit at Giggi’s Bridal.


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A wedding dress that will make memories. Today, tomorrow, and always a wedding dress like this will always be your symbol of happiness. Heart fluttering with its Elegance Giggi’s couture wedding dresses will have you dancing the night away to forever.


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Receiving critical acclaim from bridal press and retailers alike, we are proud to introduce Anny Lin Bridal.

Anny is the second generation of designer in her family and has had a growing following for the past few years.

Inspired by the tradition, the Anny Lin collection weaves together modern and classic designs.

Incorporating contemporary tailoring with creative design reflecting a unique, modern style with elegant and innovate flair.

By emphasizing attention to the finest detail, Anny Lin Couture truly represents originality. and is a breath of fresh air in the bridal market.

Anny Lin Bridal offers professional bridal consultants that understand your individuality, and guide you to your perfect gown only by your imagination.

This wedding day is only the start of a lifetime of  love, happiness and fun. It begins when you take your vows and the two hearts of yours become one!