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Hello and thank you for visiting Giggi’s Bridal and Mr. G’s Tuxedo! We are here for all your bridal and special occasion needs. Work with us and we’ll prove to you how we’re different, how we have your interests in mind. Most importantly, give us the opportunity to earn your trust and your business. Fondly, Giggi & Mr. G.

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Giggi and Mr.G is pleased to announce another new addition to our growing team, Vanessa Demers. She will be our full time employee that will be engaged in all aspects of the bridal and tuxedo business.

When you request a reservation date and time, It will only be confirmed when you receive an e-mail confirmation back!

Mr. G’s Tuxedo’s has become the premier source for all your tuxedo occasions. With over 85 tuxedo styles from Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Perry Ellis, Jean Yves, Ike Behar, and Allure for Men, and many more designers. Mr. G’s Formalwear has fashion options to match your sense of style and budget. We have vest and tie colors that match today's gowns from bridesmaids and prom designers from New York to Paris. We look forward to working with you to make your special day memorable.  Enjoy the best formalwear experience with Mr. G’s Tuxedo’s in Hudson, MA.

Mr. G's is local and convenient for fittings, pickups and drop-off  Enjoy the best formal wear experience when you visit Mr. G's Tuxedos.

Rent 6 or more tuxedo rentals and the Grooms Tuxedo rental is FREE...

During prom and peak wedding seasons,              

              plan 6 to 8 months prior to your wedding date to select your tuxedos and lock in your order...

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Who will be coming with you to help with your decision making? Please keep the number of people 4 or under. We want you to have the best comfortable experience at Giggi’s Bridal and Mr. G’s Tuxedos!!

Outdoor garden weddings

are very popular especially during the late spring, summer and early fall seasons. There is definitely nothing to say you can't have an outdoor wedding in the winter, but make sure that you plan accordingly. There are many pros and cons with having a garden wedding (but just as many as with any other location, just different things to consider). Some of the big pluses are the light – if you happen upon a lovely sunny day you will have great light during your ceremony and reception and even if it is a little cloudy the natural light will still work well for photos. A garden wedding also offers natural and wonderful colors to complement your wedding dress and everyone dressed up in their new wedding clothes. Depending on the look of the garden you almost get free decorations with plants, bushes and trees in the background. Consider things such as how you can set up chairs and the place where you will stand during the ceremony. Many places that offer garden weddings have a gazebo set up already which is where the wedding couple and party will be situated near. Some questions to consider; is the ground even so that you can easily place a number of chairs safely on the grounds? What is the access to the garden like (where do the guests have to walk in order to get there)? If you are under the bare sky be sure to have a plan B in case it rains. Rent a tent and make sure you can put it up on short notice if needed. Or, have the tent up no matter what and get married under it. Although a garden offers nice natural features such as flowers, decide if you want additional decorations such as ribbons, balloons, flowers etc. as well as deciding on the placement of those and whether or not you need any extra materials to hold these decorations. Make sure your guests know if it is an outdoor wedding so they can plan their clothing accordingly and bring umbrellas just in case. And if there is a different plan in the event of rain (such as going inside) make sure all the arrangements are made to have that available and an option you can execute on the same day of the wedding.

Rent 6 Tuxedos and the Groom's Tuxedo rental is FREE...

~~So much love lays ahead of you and the best is yet to come!  Be happy and never be blue because two hearts will beat as one! 

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