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It’s that time to give Giggi’s Bridal a call to reserve a time for your bridesmaids to place their orders, this should take place a minimum of 6 months in advance. We do have a rush delivery service, But Giggi wants less stress as possible for her brides. The earlier your bridesmaids place their orders the more stress-free you will be….

Selecting your wedding party

This is the specially selected group of close friends and family that has been asked to join the wedding couple at the altar. The wedding party also often gets to join the couple at the head table for dinner, depending on the family or cultural traditions as well as the number of people in the wedding party. There is no set rule of the number of people you need, things to remember when deciding. It is best to have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsman. It is a good idea to include your siblings, they are special and important people in your lives and would be honored to be a part of your selected wedding party. When selecting your friends, choose close and reliable friends and remember, they will be in your wedding photos too. 

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Your wedding celebration is one of the top moments in your life when you can truly spend quality time with your best friends. Having a bridal party means that you have excuses to see your BFFs, whether it’s to go dress shopping, take a “one last fling before the ring” vacation, or even just to meet them for coffee and vent about all things wedding planning.

If one or more of your bridesmaids are single, you might have the urge to try and help her out during the wedding adventure, whether by playing matchmaker or setting up a single's table at the reception. But before you start making plans, take a minute to think about how she might feel.

Here are five ways to treat your single bridesmaid so that they don’t feel singled out in your bridal party.

  1. Ask What’s She Looking For

Before trying to set your single bridesmaid up with someone at your wedding, first casually ask her if she even wants your help. Perhaps your single bridesmaid is focusing on herself or taking a break from dating and not interested in being set up or even having you and your fiancé work some magic to introduce her to someone at the wedding. If she says she wants to the focus to be off of her relationship status, respect that, even if it’s tempting not to.

  1. Give Her a Good Seat

When you’re planning your wedding seating arrangements, take note of where you can have your single bridesmaid sit. You might want to put her at a single’s table with people she doesn’t know to try and create a spark with another single. But instead of isolating her, place her at a table with people she knows and will have a fun night with, even if they have plus ones.

  1. Don’t Make This About Her Love Life

Remember that it’s your wedding and the only love you should be focusing on is the love between you and your partner. You might want to make your wedding feel like an in-person dating app experience for your single friends and bridesmaids but instead of using the dance floor as a chance to casually introduce two single friends, use it as a time to focus on having fun and enjoying the people around you.

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