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Bridal gowns come in a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, lengths and prices. If you select a gown that needs to be ordered give yourself at least nine to twelve months before the wedding. Keep in mind you will also most likely need to have fittings.

If you do not have that much time before your wedding day to order your wedding gown, Giggi's Boutique has many styles and sizes in stock. You can purchase and leave the boutique with your gown in hand.

Don't be superbride You're smart, you're focused, and you’re energetic. But you're still one woman. Superbrides—those engaged gals who devote every waking hour to wedding planning, brushing aside all offers of help—eventually run out of steam and end up near the big day with favors unassembled, invitations unstamped, shoes undyed, heads uncounted. How to avoid this fate? Call in your trusty sidekicks before you're really scrambling. Here's a little secret: People want to help. So do yourself a huge favor and accept their kind offers. Then, once you've got a cadre of pals stuffing your envelopes, sit back and have your toenails polished. You deserve it.

~~By: Denise Schipani, Bridal Guide

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Many more gown selections in our bridal show room!

Romantic and  T raditional  Wedding Dresses

We proudly introduce our Quick Ship program with one of Giggi's  selected designers, if you are a bride on a tight schedule. Giggi's is here to help you find your dream wedding dress just in time for your big day!

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Many more wedding gowns in our show room